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Welcome to AlloyCI


AlloyCI is a Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator, written in Elixir, that takes advantage of the GitLab CI Runner, and its capabilities as executor, to prepare and run your pipelines.

JSON Config File

Configure your pipeline with an easy to use, easy to understand JSON file.

Made for GitHub

Developed as a GitHub App, it can be easily installed on your account and your organizations.

GitLab Runner

Take advantage of this feature-rich, powerful, open-source runner to execute your code on a variety of environments.

Open Source

GPLv3 licensed. See what's under the hood, make any changes you need, and help make AlloyCI better.

Build Statistics

See build statistics scoped to a project, and to a runner.

Clean Notifications

Configurable notifications for email and/or Slack.

Runner auto-scalling

With auto-scalling, the amount of runners in use is adjusted to meet the demand.

Multiple Build Envs

Run your tests on different environments to guarantee compatibility.

Want to try it out?

Login with your GitHub account, add a project, and push some code to see it in action.

Run it on your servers

Download our Docker image, and follow our docs to get started.